Monday, 13 December 2010

Where's Santa Claus when u need him??? hhmmphh......

These shoes make me cry, who wouldn't kill for a pair.... I WOULD!! these platform 80's inspired heels were created by Charles Anastase for his spring 2009 collection. i came across his collection looking up 'ridiculous heels' on the web then i found this photo of London badgirl Pixie Geldof tripping over in a pair of black ankle green strapped booties n i fell in love sigh*... theres a a steal by Jessica Simpson..... yeah i said it Jessica Simpson appearently she has a line I didn't know that.... (i know i know i'm stale) well i would give credit, these shoes are a great copycat but i still give all hands down to Anastase. Now, on a serious note who would like to play Santa Claus and send me a pair :D

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