Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Acid Acne collection

First of all, i just wanna say its been awhile!!! my internets been pretty sh*** s'cusethe language bu I'm back now. Back to the topic we love, SHOOOEEES!!! ok soo Acne's spring collection '10/11 is amazin i love the boots with many pockets looks like something off an all saints store. The others look like heels designed by lanvin which i would talk abou later, i really like the heels believe or not i have designed a pair of heels that look like them inspired by military wear; the heels were inspred by ranks would post it up later. Back to the heels again i love the rust look of it; so grungy, the raw leather, screws, and bolts, GREAT COMBO!!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cruise '11

The new Jimmy Choo cruise collection is inspired by the exotic beaches of Brasil all laced up to create shoes with crytals encrusted on vibrant colours and shapes. I'm not the biggest fan of Jimmy Choo but I must these new collection goesa all out for the new year. i love the criss-cross lace ups, opaque glitter diamond encrusted heels, neon coloured T-strapped peep toed........... too much detail *sigh. Jimmy choo will also release a new menwear collection featuring both casual and formal styles, so guys go check that out

Friday, 28 January 2011

BREAK A NECK!!!..... better yet a SPINE!!

Cant figure out which is more jaw dropping the fact that I'm staring at shoes inspired by the sketal vertebra, or that they were designed by Dsquared. Must say thumbs up to them, these cute babies!!! love the way they gave the bones an archaic look, like they were recently found after centuries and had been carefully cleaned and dusted with a little brush*thoughts of Jurassic Park just came rushing hehe*. Love the curve of the spine *cough*  heel .lol. Hopefully these trend of back breaking/bending innovations would continue. We would appreciate with all our heart

SO, i have been dying to buy these pair of wedges from office, and KG designed a look-alike in suede so Obviously!!! having it was a necessity!! must say though they pinch a little but they're worth it. Despite the state of the room the photo's pretty cute

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

DMU :)

I'm getting ready for my interview for a Footwear course in De monte forte Leicester  Uni  this is just one of my many sketches in my portfolio.this was inspired by glass dresses created by Diana Leo. Hopefully, they would be impressed. Anyhoes wish me luck**

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pigford in Spikeford!!

What in the world????................. this is some serious spiking going on. this was worn by Eva pigford at the BET awards 10 i didn't care for the dress which was ALRYYYT ish!! but the shoes too hot!!!!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Holy Shiit..Literally!!!!

 Contemporary British artist Chris Ofili who is known for his controversial pieces one particular exciting piece 'the Holy virgin mary'which had dung on it inspired Artist Insa in partnership with designer Ruth Shaw to create a 10 inch elephant dung heels, constructed with excrement. I like the idea of pearls and beads; it has a way of tying the shit(s'cuse my language) and the colourful print together. Pretty bizzare concept but hey if Lady Gaga can beef it out then i guess we can let the shit hit the fan.lol.