Thursday, 11 November 2010


With the passing of Alexander MCqueen in Feb 2010; he left with an outstanding collection his shoes were created like a phenomenom  fallen from out of space which created a lot of recognition for the designer. After his death, his successor (Sarah Burton) is still trying to prove to the followers that the Mcqueen house label hasn't died with the creator. This collection showed scuplting at it's finest, bronze sculpted leaves with side straps, lilac feathered boots with wedged sea shell covers, wheat fringed ankle- strapped heels I could really go on and on.... I guess it's safe to say that McQueen is still in the house.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


These shoes are by Indecorous Taste, one word..... RIDICULOUS!!! i mean wth!!!. The first time i saw these shoes my jaw dropped. I thought what a phenomenom; the creativity behind this is very avant-garde, you can imagine this on a Rodarte or Gareth Pugh runway with the models strutting down in spider-web inspired pants. I was thinking of creating shoes for my EP (extended project) but i didnt have the slightest clue how to create one but this blog helped me with ideas on how to create shoes. Great inspiration!! I ADORE!!