Saturday, 18 December 2010

Shift shapes Ruthie Davis!!!!!

Ruthie Davis 2010/11 shoe spring collection was all about the signature metal seperator and clear lucite at the bottom.  The features of the heels; metallic straps, nude leather, translucent criss- cross straps are a reminder of the movie 'I ROBOT'. i can image myself wearing those with a high waisted pencil grey satin skirt and a white bralet over embellished in silver studs. KILLA!!!!


  1. You should upload some of your shoesketches! I'm curious what plays in your head, seeing you have a fantastic choice of fabulous shoes on your blog :D
    greetz from the netherlands,


  2. thanks a lot been workin on my shoe sketches on photoshop putting colours to bring them to life cos its all pencil at the moment but i'll post a couple of sketches up n pencil work hopefully u'll like it.