Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lil' Miss Cand Cane!

this is one of my many sketches; i knoow i took forever but i wanted to recreated the pieces on photoshop but unfortunately there's been a couple of issues with that character so i decided to just scan it pencil on paper, i would post up the worked on image later on when I'm through with it. the theme behind this shoe is glamourous chic with a twist; the little slashes going from the countier downwards represents zips which are going to be in gold which gives the heels more edge to the girly look.  The pumps are gona be created in blush pink colour with the countier going in a wavy spiral manner down to the topline of the pumps. The weight of the foot is balanced on the welt which is on the outersole of the shoe as the tip of the pumps go upwards. The seat of the heel is extended to the middle of the heel for more comfort and ability to work in. Yeah that's a lot of detail hopefully you understand it, you could look up parts of a heel to understand the terms i used that would help. you can see my little faint shoe signature of the right hand side of the page cute isn't it hehexx. More of my sketches to come soon as i figure out how to convert it from adobe to photo viewr so i can post it up

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