Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Holy Shiit..Literally!!!!

 Contemporary British artist Chris Ofili who is known for his controversial pieces one particular exciting piece 'the Holy virgin mary'which had dung on it inspired Artist Insa in partnership with designer Ruth Shaw to create a 10 inch elephant dung heels, constructed with excrement. I like the idea of pearls and beads; it has a way of tying the shit(s'cuse my language) and the colourful print together. Pretty bizzare concept but hey if Lady Gaga can beef it out then i guess we can let the shit hit the fan.lol.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lil' Miss Cand Cane!

this is one of my many sketches; i knoow i took forever but i wanted to recreated the pieces on photoshop but unfortunately there's been a couple of issues with that character so i decided to just scan it pencil on paper, i would post up the worked on image later on when I'm through with it. the theme behind this shoe is glamourous chic with a twist; the little slashes going from the countier downwards represents zips which are going to be in gold which gives the heels more edge to the girly look.  The pumps are gona be created in blush pink colour with the countier going in a wavy spiral manner down to the topline of the pumps. The weight of the foot is balanced on the welt which is on the outersole of the shoe as the tip of the pumps go upwards. The seat of the heel is extended to the middle of the heel for more comfort and ability to work in. Yeah that's a lot of detail hopefully you understand it, you could look up parts of a heel to understand the terms i used that would help. you can see my little faint shoe signature of the right hand side of the page cute isn't it hehexx. More of my sketches to come soon as i figure out how to convert it from adobe to photo viewr so i can post it up

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Shift shapes Ruthie Davis!!!!!

Ruthie Davis 2010/11 shoe spring collection was all about the signature metal seperator and clear lucite at the bottom.  The features of the heels; metallic straps, nude leather, translucent criss- cross straps are a reminder of the movie 'I ROBOT'. i can image myself wearing those with a high waisted pencil grey satin skirt and a white bralet over embellished in silver studs. KILLA!!!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Where's Santa Claus when u need him??? hhmmphh......

These shoes make me cry, who wouldn't kill for a pair.... I WOULD!! these platform 80's inspired heels were created by Charles Anastase for his spring 2009 collection. i came across his collection looking up 'ridiculous heels' on the web then i found this photo of London badgirl Pixie Geldof tripping over in a pair of black ankle green strapped booties n i fell in love sigh*... theres a a steal by Jessica Simpson..... yeah i said it Jessica Simpson appearently she has a line I didn't know that.... (i know i know i'm stale) well i would give credit, these shoes are a great copycat but i still give all hands down to Anastase. Now, on a serious note who would like to play Santa Claus and send me a pair :D

Sunday, 12 December 2010

There's a new way to 3Dimension. Chau Har Lee graduate of Cordwainer College London, completed her masters at Royal college of Arts. she creates pieces which are both conceptual bytr accessible footwear after spending years as a free lance designer for Nicole Farhi. Back to the shoes....... I'm in AWE of them!!!!. what i love about the heels are, they are flat unlike regular shoes which are circular; most of hedesigns have a back opener for the ball of the feet a mimic of a bottle opener. I just wish i could get my hands on a pair... maybe two... or more heehee xxxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010


With the passing of Alexander MCqueen in Feb 2010; he left with an outstanding collection his shoes were created like a phenomenom  fallen from out of space which created a lot of recognition for the designer. After his death, his successor (Sarah Burton) is still trying to prove to the followers that the Mcqueen house label hasn't died with the creator. This collection showed scuplting at it's finest, bronze sculpted leaves with side straps, lilac feathered boots with wedged sea shell covers, wheat fringed ankle- strapped heels I could really go on and on.... I guess it's safe to say that McQueen is still in the house.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


These shoes are by Indecorous Taste, one word..... RIDICULOUS!!! i mean wth!!!. The first time i saw these shoes my jaw dropped. I thought what a phenomenom; the creativity behind this is very avant-garde, you can imagine this on a Rodarte or Gareth Pugh runway with the models strutting down in spider-web inspired pants. I was thinking of creating shoes for my EP (extended project) but i didnt have the slightest clue how to create one but this blog helped me with ideas on how to create shoes. Great inspiration!! I ADORE!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

More shoes for less cash!

 courtesy of wordpress.com This is christian Siriano spring'10 collection for..... payless.. ye i said it PAYLESS how amazing is it that one can get KILLER shoes for payless. Honestly, i wouldn't mind a pair; some people might gringe at the thought of shopping at that store, but a second look at those shoes and you might drop your ego. These collection is a reincarnation of Dior couture '08 with a Ruthie Davies wonder structure theme topping it up with a Nicholas Kirkwood cutting edge look. All combined to create a back-breaking, influencial, little cash consuming collection. I must say Siriano did take note of signature looks before creating this collection. It might not be a fresh look, or avant-garde but it's creative enough whats more it's payless what more could you want?!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

shoes by Balenciaga 2010/11 collection

courtesy shoes-addiction.com   i <3 this shoes you can tell straight off were the inspiration comes from (buildings), i feel its fresh and unique collection from an innovative designer